When it’s OK to Say, “This Sucks,” When Working on a Client Project

This sucks...”

It’s a phrase you hope to never hear or say when working on a project for a client.

However, when you’re designing a new food menu for a great restaurant, it’s 2PM, you haven’t eaten lunch yet and you’re forced to type and re-read the descriptions of each meal, it happens.

You begin to smell it, taste it, and your mouth starts to water… and, well, “It sucks.”

So, Stoke's Grill, thanks for torturing us today. We dig your burgers and pizza, but you’re making work awfully, awfully difficult this afternoon!

We don't want to give it away, but you'll see a sneak peak of Stoke's Grill's new menu design at the top of the page.


We're excited to partner with Stoke's Grill, located on McKnight Road (just north of Pittsburgh). 232 Creative is charged to deliver rebrand (logo, website, menu design, signage, etc.)

We have eaten at Stoke's several times. The food is awesome, its family-owned and operated (and they're great people) and its craft beer selection is top notch and always changing (and they serve Grist House beer).


So, be sure stop at Stoke's Grill sometime (seriously, one of the best burgers in Pittsburgh). If you do, be sure to call us, so we can join.

Stoke's Grill Recommendations - 232 Creative

  • Miller: The Dun Cow & Tots
  • Stetz: The Lucas Wrap & Home-cooked Potato Chips

Side Note: Many of you know that 232 Creative is carving a niche in the restaurant, brewery, bar arena, so if you know someone who works in/or runs a restaurant, please pass along the good word... or the next time you're dining and think some place could use our services, give us a shout.


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