The most important piece in marketing is reaching the correct audience.

You can have the coolest product, the most inspiring design, but if you’re not getting the message into the correct people’s hands (eyes, ears, mouth), then it truly doesn’t matter.

One of the most important practices your organization can perform is outlining an answer to the question, “Draw your ideal customer.” Let’s face it, sometimes we’re all a little naïve and think, “Hey… everyone can benefit from my product or service.” But, in reality, if you’re selling to all, you’re selling to no one. Ask yourself or your team the following questions of your most ideal client:

  • Age:
    • Narrowing down the potential age of your market allows you to understand what methods are best to reach them. For instance, if your market is 14-21 year old females, a newspaper ad probably isn’t your best option.
  • Gender:
    • Based on the gender of your customer, the messaging may shift based on the benefits and needs of the person.
  • Location:
    • Be realistic with your location. You may think that everyone in the world needs your product/service, but if the likelihood of closing a sale to someone within a 10-mile radius is easier than 400 miles away, recognize that.
  • Income Level:
    • Knowing the lifestyle of your customers and the type of quality and price point they expect is key to helping you sell your product.
  • What are some characteristics of your ideal client?
    • Will they react to story telling or quantitative data?

With answers to these questions, your team will have the ability to map out a marketing plan knowing the mediums and campaigns you can use.

What’s the best way to reach this group of people:

  • Facebook and/or Instagram targeting?
  • Ad in a local newspaper?
  • Postcard mailing?
  • Speaking seminar?

The days of, “Spraying and praying” your marketing efforts are behind us.  Businesses have tighter budgets more now than ever, but the beautiful thing is that there are systems that now exist that allow you to not only reach your targeted audience, but also do it more cost effectively and have the ability to analyze their results.

So, first things first… “Draw your ideal customer.”

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