ANSWERS TO: Breann, B, Boujee
FIRST JOB: Clothing Processor at Goodwill
WHEN NOT AT WORK, YOU CAN PROBABLY FIND Breann: Doing a DIY Craft Found on Pinterest, shopping, or out at the bars in oakland or Southside
MOST SURPRISING CONVERSATION STARTER: The fact that she had a pet monkey when she was growing up is usually pretty surprising
FAVORITE 3 TV SHOWS: gilmore girls, impractical jokers, and Rupauls drag race

IF YOU'RE LOOKING TO EMBARRASS her: ask her if she knows all the words to the songs in grease 1 & 2
FAVORITE CITY: pittsburgh


Breann Forcht has grown up in Pittsburgh her whole life and being artistic is something that runs in her family. Her mother is a Freelance Graphic Designer and this is something that has always interested her growing up. She knew this is what she wanted to pursue when she got older, and she did. Breann is always looking for new and fun inspiration to further her design skills.


Breann began her college start at Butler County Community College. She graduated from there and got her Associates Degree in Graphic Design. After she graduated, she knew she wanted to further her skills, so she went to La Roche College to get her Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. At La Roche she learned more about concepting, the design process, and working with clients. Her time at La Roche definitely helped further her knowledge of design as well as her skill set.  


After graduating from La Roche College, She started her first design job at Inventhelp. She worked there as a Junior Graphic Designer for 2 years. At Inventhelp she designed graphics for social media and blogs, as well as print collateral that went along with their corporate branding. After Inventhelp,  she then started freelancing at few different design agencies. She did work for different companies and the Pittsburgh area and designed print materials, such as; menus, posters, infographics, logos, brochures, and social media graphics.

Breann liked freelancing, but she was looking for something full time in the design industry. She reached out to 232 Creative because she really liked their design work and was interested in working for them. She did freelance for them at first, and then was offered a part time job with them working in the office and she really enjoys it.


As a Graphic Designer at 232 Creative, Breann is eager to see what new design projects will come her way. Whether it’s a logo design, print collateral or social media design, Breann is ready to create and design a piece that will spark excitement.